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About the Author:

"How I went from failure to success selling accounting services."

Just after tax season in 2001 - David Rachford was laid off from the accounting firm he worked for. Here's his story:

I was fired because I didn't fit the mold of the "shut up and get billable" mentality of accountants the managing partner wanted on his staff. I thought of myself as a Junior Rainmaker, having brought in several large accounts for over $10,000.00 in annual billings. The final straw was when I found a provision in the personnel manual to give a 10% commission of the first year billings to the rainmaker, so I asked the managing partner for the cut. He said "We dropped that policy," then I got dropped on May 1st.

When I first started my own business, I really had no idea what it would take to attract clients. I had the naïve idea that the clients I worked on would follow me - at least a couple, like on Jerry Maguire. None did.

The Entrepreneurial "seizure"

I was in a tight spot - mortgage to pay, bills piling up, credit cards nearing their limits. I had no other professional skills other than accounting. So, if you've read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber, getting fired was my entrepreneurial seizure.

I knew one thing for sure: I didn't want to go back to subjecting myself to the whims of an employer, having to follow someone else's policies, and be dependent on another for my paycheck. I decided that the best thing to do was to win by doing well.

The Accounting profession is very unique - I think of CPA's as "Doctors of Dollarology" We're financial internists. By looking in on other entrepreneurs finances, we can see templates of how things work, and how companies are structured to maximize return for the shareholders. I knew I would start my own company.

The best investment of time and money

At first I did a lot of things wrong. But I learned quickly. The best investment I made was in my education - No I don't mean getting extra credentials - I mean a conscious serious study of sales and marketing. I've invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in study and application of "results oriented marketing" - not pie in the sky marketing theory or branding B.S. promulgated by other marketing consultants.

I went to a practice development seminar with one of the major "practice development" companies in the summer of 2001. I put the systems to work in fall of 2001, and got my first few customers. Customers that pay me $10,000.00 a year for monthly accounting services and payroll.

Since 2001, I've been to other major "practice development" seminars and found that some of the systems work, and some of the systems don't work. But what they do offer is typically the same formula of "telemarketing." - and what they really want to do is sell a $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 marketing plan.

Embarrassed by cold calling?

In 15 years, their marketing systems haven't changed much. I've found the strategies they advocate to be less and less effective, somewhat embarrassing ( I mean really, cold calling?) and don't position the accountant / CPA as the business specialist and trusted advisor. They are also not tuned into modern advertising & marketing methods featuring SEO and PPC (Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click respectively).

I founded the CPA Marketing Center to offer effective alternative marketing systems and tools. These are the strategies and tactics I use to generate qualified leads, and position me as CPA / Accountant and trusted advisor. Our systems also provide practitioners with enhanced referability.

The CPA Marketing Center is the first marketing firm to provide turn-key Pay-Per Click management systems to the accounting profession with our trademarked "Easy PPC™" product. And we offer back end solutions to make lead generation systems more effective, such as auto responder solutions and custom special reports.

Results are all that matter

The CPA Marketing Center continues to develop innovative marketing systems exclusively for CPA's and Accountants, that: Attract, Inform, and Motivate quality clients to come to you. At the end of the day, results are all that matter. You can't monitor what you can't measure - and all our systems are measurable.

If you're looking to grow your accounting firm, and want marketing systems that work, you've come to the right place.

To your success,

David S. Rachford, CPA (Inactive) and Marketer