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Welcome! Want Free CPA Marketing Resources?
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Just for stopping by, I'll rush you my 60 minute audio CD and special report via US mail with a

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I know, you might be skeptical about entering your information on this website, but rest assured: I will never sell or share you contact information with anyone else.

I want to help you get more clients!

You see, I'm just like you, a hard working CPA with a practice in a medium size town. You can read more about me here. I looked all over for the type of information I'm sharing with you here, and I couldn't find it. So I decided to post my knowledge on the web, and yes - I offer a few marketing products and services for CPAs and Accountants here on this site.

But there are also a ton of free resources: Abatement letters, and a great special report on Yellow Page Marketing which is available for download. But some of the resources - are just too darn valuable to post on the web. And I want you to have these free resources - but I'll only mail them to you.

Why only by mail?

Maybe I'm old fashioned. I still like to get a letter in the mail every now and then. But I know if I just make the report and audio available for download, fewer people will actually read the report and listen to the CD. Anyway, it costs me a couple bucks to mail the material to you. And the information inside the report and CD is really worth thousands of dollars in new revenues for you.

So don't miss out - fill out the form, and I'll send you the!


Don't forget some of the other resources available to you: CPA Blog | Tax Marketing For Accountants and CPA Marketing | Tax Marketing For Accountants for all your CPA marketing needs.

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My name is David Rachford, CPA (Inactive) and I'm here to help YOU get
more clients for your firm, faster than you've ever thought possible.
I've already helped hundreds of accountants, CPAs, and EA�s in all 50 states
& Canada with The Accountant�s Marketing Bible and my other reports,
CDs and courses. I WANT YOU to be NEXT! Tune in each day as I give
you the latest, greatest secrets on how to:

� Get More Clients Fast and Easy!
Double your productivity!
� The Truth about Internet Marketing!
Eliminate wasted Marketing Expenses!
� Increase marketing return on investment!
Triple your leads!
� Increase your income with better marketing - and much more!

I am known as the �the Bad Boy of Accounting Marketing�.
I can be controversial, and challenge your thinking to move you to action.
If you don�t want to act on what you learn - then you don't want to receive
my secrets. But if you enjoy a good laugh, then sign on and WELCOME ABOARD!

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