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    What others are saying about Dave's Inner Circle For Marketing Accountants:

    Dave's marketing strategies is just what I needed to build on the things I am already doing. If you want to take your business to the next step, make sure Dave's on board. I know I will double my profitability for next year.
    Jeff Matthews, CPA, MBA

    Amongst the marketing products out there very few (2-3) are specific to the tax professional. Davidís program focuses in on specific tax professionals marketing needs. His program is well rounded. The Newsletter provides no BS tips, the phone calls are well controlled to skip over the generalities and go straight to the concepts I need to know to succeed in the tax industry. I am honored to recommend his program to those serious about succeeding and living a full life!
    Dwayne Alborn, CPA
    I really enjoy being a member of Dave's Inner Circle. Dave is a very down to earth guy with a great sense of humor ( See his video on the last minute tax client from Hell). What I have found in being self employed is that one must embrace marketing if one wants to survive and prosper. Dave makes marketing interesting and enjoyable and he is also on the cutting edge of Internet marketing. I highly recommend joining Dave's Inner Circle if you want to learn effective methods of growing your practice.
    Dennis L. Thompson, CPA
    David's Inner Circle provides a wealth of useable real-world information to grow a practice. The conference calls are invaluable.
    Michael Ching, CPA
    Dave, I appreciated the remarks you made this morning regards taking the time to take care of one's health! As a 71 year old 'tax guy' who doesn't always take the time to do the things we know we should I appreciated you reenforcing what the doctor tells me. Time well spent this morning all in all!
    Cornell E Read, EA
    I joined Dave's Inner Circle to get a fresh approach to marketing my practice. I can already tell his style and inovation in marketing is going to make my investment pay for itself very quickly.
    Barry Bowers, CPA

    My name is Lynette Rue, I am a degreed accountant and enrolled agent in Stockton, CA. I am a new member of Dave's Inner Circle, and so far I am very happy. This is the straight forward no BS way to market my accounting practice. I have in the past paid THOUSANDS of dollars for tons of material that I do not have time to sift through. So far I have implemented or started to work on at least three of Dave's suggestions. See, I believe most accountants can handle our own marketing, but we think numbers NOT colors, fonts, and catchy lines, we think facts, black and white. I feel that I will save not only the money not using other marketing systems, but also time and research. I am really looking forward to getting my marketing plan going in full force. Dave, thanks for making all of the mistakes for us =) PS Love the CD's, thanks for asking the questions we wish we knew to ask.
    Lynette Rue, EA
    Stockton, CA