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Internet Marketing for CPA and Accountants

How To Get Clients From Google

The Quickest Way to The Top

Dear Firm Owner:

Have you been wondering how to get your firm found on the internet?

Are you looking for ways to turn those website visits into qualified prospects calling you for an appointment?

Chances are you answered "YES" to both questions...Who doesn't want their firm at the top of the search engines? And once you've got them on your site, you now need to get them to take action.

But most websites don't do that. In fact, most accounting websites are so poor at converting website traffic, you might as well be tearing up money and throwing it in the wind.

No time for the letter - sign me up now.

Just a few minutes ago, I concluded a telephone call with one of my coaching clients.

As we reviewed his marketing, it became apparent he wanted to increase his companies visibility on the internet. Specifically, he wanted to harness the power of Google to get more bookkeeping and tax clients.

See, more and more potential clients are looking on-line for Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Accounting services.

In fact, each week, I receive 2-5 calls from HOT prospects looking for payroll or accounting services in my local area. These prospects convert VERY well! and I can grow my business as much as I want. In fact, I screen VERY carefully, and select only the best prospects for profitable engagements. Best of all Those leads COST ME NOTHING!

You see, I've studied the best, applied the lessons, and cracked the code.

Is your firm visible and able to be found by business owners and tax clients looking for a LOCAL accountant?

Do you wonder: "How can I turn my website into a lead generating machine?"

Have you asked yourself "How can I get clients from Google?"

You should.

I get a lot of questions, both from those in my Inner Circle, and questions from other CPA's and CA's across North America.

One of the most frequently asked questions is: How can I best market myself on the Internet?

I wish I could answer that question in one page, but there isn't one "best" way.

Because there is so much to cover on Internet Marketing For Accountants, I've decided to share what I know with motivated accountants via an exclusive Tele-seminar Master Class on Internet Marketing.

But before I get into details, how about some proof? I've taken all my sites to the top of Google's search engines. For Accounting, CPA services, and Payroll. There is no way to "game" this. If you want to check out my results, I encourage you to do so after you make your reservation for the Internet Marketing For Accountants Master Class.

Click the button to reserve now.

Now, I'm going to share my insider secrets to Internet Marketing to a select group of you.

I guarantee results. In fact, those who listen, and implement my recommendations, will be gauranteed to break into the top 10 rankings of Google Search Results, within 1-6 months.

But you'd better act fast: I'm only going to allow 25 Accountants to participate in this exclusive master class.

Why so few spots?

I want to keep my secrets exclusive to motivated accountants, in exclusive geographical areas. If too many people use these secrets, they will lose their effectiveness.

If you want to take control of your internet marketing for your firm, you don't want to miss this tele-conference master class.

Dedicated to your practice development, David Rachford, CPA

P.S. The date and time for this teleconference is:
Tuesday, February 27th, 2008
9:00 AM Pacific, 12:00 pm Eastern
Click Here to reserve your spot for the Internet Marketing Master Class.

p.p.s. In addition to the tele-seminar master class, I've got some killer bonus items.

3 Audio CD's and Mp3 recordings of tele-conferences with Internet Marketing Masters -

Added up, there are $531.00 worth of bonuses for you when you sign up for the Internet Marketing Master Class.

p.p.s. In addition to the tele-seminar master class, I've got some killer bonus items.

3 Audio CD's and Mp3 recordings of tele-conferences with Internet Marketing Masters -

Added up, there are $531.00 worth of bonuses for you when you sign up for the Internet Marketing Master Class.

  • * the #1 ranked CPA website for Seattle - a $67.00 value
  • * A top Search Engine Optimization Expert interview - a $67.00 value
  • * the CD recording of the Internet Marketing Master Class - a $147.00 value
  • * Website Critique Certificate - a $250 Value... I will personally review your site for lead generation and search optimization

  • How would you feel if you skipped this exclusive internet marketing master class?

    My guess is you'd feel regret. If you skip this Internet Marketing Master Class, you're leaving money on the table, and your competition may wise up and take the lead in your local market.

    What is a new client worth to you? $500.00? $1,000?, $2,500?

    Tax season is marketing season. Those clients are searching on the internet for you right now, but they can't find you until you understand marketing your firm on the internet.

      I offer two guarantees:

      Performance – I guarantee you'll learn somthing you didn't already know about empowering yourself for radical time management

      My Personal Guarantee to You

      I want you to be pleased with this service. Therefore, If you don't feel you receive the value you expected from the teleseminar, just send me an e-mail asking for a refund. No questions asked.

      You'll be assured that this on-line transaction is 100% secure and after your Application is confirmed you will get an electronic receipt and Instructions within a few minutes.

      P.S. If you’ve been disappointed with your previous efforts to manage your time - or create a screening device to protect your time, don't miss this call.

      P.P.S. The CPA marketing center will limit the number of attendees to 25, so act fast.