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Client Newsletters for CPAs, Newsletters for Accountants, that generate response, focus on cross selling services and improve referrals

Dollars & $ense ™

Finally, a Newsletter for Accountants That Builds Relationships and Increases Sales and Referrals

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Dear Accounting & Tax Firm Owner:

For years I struggled to find a cpa client newsletter solution that I liked and would keep customers coming back, build goodwill, and be fun to read. I tried the canned cpa client newsletters , email newsletters and various products from other CPA marketing companies like Mostad or Newkirk. I never found one that I liked, so I wrote my own. At first, I made every mistake in the book. But I finally hit on the right mix.

"We're using the client newsletter, and it's been working extremely well, we've been using it for three months now. We also use the Year End Tax Planning Letter; We've used other newsletters from the other "national firms" and we kinda felt like we were just sending stuff, but not getting a response. Some of the specific benefits that I've noticed with Dollars & $ense, as soon as it goes out, we get calls 24 hours a day, people trying to win the contest- which is good because that means people are reading it, and we've had an uptick in client referrals and we've got two new clients - Really good clients - just in the three months. It just makes our clients more aware of what we're doing. I'm very pleased with it!"

Curtis Erikson, CPA
Seattle, WA

I realized that a lot of other accountants were in the same boat, and would like a cpa client newsletter product that fit their firm, is personal, gets read, and creates response from the readers and increases the ability for the firm to cross sell services like payroll or other financial services. A cpa client newsletter that builds a strong RELATIONSHIP with your customers and clients and prospects.

"As a CPA in public accounting for over 35 years, also a Certified Financial Planner and I'm very familiar with marketing on the financial planning side and the public accounting side. I've used other newsletters in the past, and they were either too cumbersome to get done, or they were too boilerplate....I've used Dave's Dollars & $ense for about four months, and it's very very easy to customize and edit, make it "homey" and I'm getting some good feedback. This is a great tool to keep our name out there all year round."

Howard Kaufman, CPA
Buffalo Grove, IL

Master Marketing Guru Dan Kennedy said recently in his No BS Marketing Newsletter about marketing with newsletters:

Please Listen up: if you are not arriving at your clients� and prospects desks or doorsteps by mail (not e-mail) with a newsletter or similar piece�you have no fence around your heard; no foundation for asking for response to specific offers. Recently a client showed me two virtually identical direct mail campaigns for two almost identical businesses, each to the same number of customers. One got a great response; the other got a nominal response.

The difference: The one that got a great response mails a monthly newsletter to those customers; the one who got disappointing results does not. So one who shows up regularly to say �hi, how ya doing?� as a foundation, thus being more welcome when occasionally dropping by to say �hey, buy this�� the other one only shows up when he wants to sell you something.

Kennedy continues: Pleeeeze do NOT be a penny pinching fool about this either. Incredibly, people try every imaginable way to scrimp on this. What if I only mail every other month? What if I just put �em in a pile on the park bench in front of the local post office? And on and on�Frankly that sickens me.

The last thing you want to cheat on is the foundation of your entire business:


---Dan Kennedy - No BS Marketing Letter February 2006

Now I bring my new Direct Response CPA Client Newsletter , Dollars & $ense ™. This is a pre-written cpa client newsletter — ready to send to your entire database— that will keep them coming back to your firm for life. You can use this exact same newsletter to bring in thousands of dollars in extra revenue and referrals every single month for your firm.

            Quick…do you know the name of the company that cleaned the carpets in your home, or the glass company that replaced your broken windshield, or the plumber that fixed your pipes last time? If you don’t know, it’s probably because they’ve never bothered to keep in touch with you…stupidly assuming that you’ll call them the next time you need them. But how will you call them back if you don’t even remember who they are? Are you absolutely sure that your clients remember who you are???

�This is probably one of the best newsletters I have seen. I love it! Before, we were using Mostaad and this is so much more readable. Thank you!" "

Joanne Rosenfeld, CPA

"Within minutes of opening the doors the day after we send out the newsletter, the phones are ringing off the hook. Clients are calling in the correct answers to the Trivia contest. We know the clients are reading the newsletter because the answers are always correct. We're a small hometown CPA firm, and this newsletter fits our style PERFECTLY! Thanks, we really appreciate all the work you do." Click the audio player above to hear Robin Rosenfeld, CPA of Statesville, NC describe their results from Dollars & $ense Accounting Client Newsletter.
Statesville, NC

Everyday, your clients are being bombarded with radio, TV, newspaper, and direct mail advertisements that are designed to lure them into your competitors. In fact, it seems as though your competitors may be paying more attention to your clients than you are.

You’ve already put your blood, sweat, tears, and lots of money into attracting those clients to your firm the first time — don’t make the mistake of assuming that they’ll automatically come back to you when they need additional services. You see, every month that goes by that your clients don’t hear from you, they’ll lose 10% of their interest in ever coming back to you. So in other words, if you have clients that you haven’t seen or contacted in 5 months…there’s only a 50/50 chance you’ll ever see them again.

Are you willing to take a chance and possibly lose them to another firm because you didn’t make even the slightest attempt to stay in touch with them? You must contact your clients each and every month and give them a reason to come back to you.

How much does it cost you to get a new client for your firm?
"I have received many raves about the newsletter. Although I'm not sure if I've received any new clients from the newsletter, I get a lot of compliments from my clients and prospects about it. During the next year, I hope to track the additional clients I get from sending the newsletters. They're a great product, thanks a lot!"

Renee Stadius, CPA
West Monroe, LA

Well, based on the members that I’ve surveyed, the average cost is $400.00.  If you don’t stay in contact with them and they stray to another firm, it’ll cost you another $400.00 to get them back again. But if you send them my Direct Response Newsletter every month, it’ll cost less than $10 to keep ‘em coming back over and over for an entire year, spending $150, $300, or more each time they come back!

You see, it’s much easier and cheaper to get an old customer back than it is to try and get a new one. A newsletter is the perfect way to stay in touch and keep ‘em coming back again and again.

The bottom line is this:

Stop Constantly Chasing After New Customers

If You’re Neglecting Your Old Ones Right Now

As you can see from this sample issue our ready-made cpa client newsletter is filled with lots of interesting articles that all of your clients will look forward to reading every single month. (NOTE: These are not articles about Accounting or Taxes! While accounting and taxes may be interesting to you, it will bore most of your clients to tears and never get read!) We’ve also included several direct-response mechanisms to assure that your clients will stop by, pick up the phone and call you, or refer lots of their friends and neighbors to your firm.

We also produce the only CPA cpa client newsletter newsletter with cartoons licensed from the New Yorker and – if you were to legally obtain the rights to include a Cartoon Bank cartoon in your own newsletter, you’d pay $125.00 per cartoon, per issue.

Every month, we’ll have a fresh, new, and interesting cpa client newsletter ready to send to your clients – It will take less than 5 minutes of your time to customize the newsletter with your firm name, address, phone, ads (yes, we’ll even provide ready made promotions for you too), etc. Then send your newsletter off to a local print shop or quick copy shop where they print, fold the newsletter for your clients.

Several of my clients are already using this cpa client newsletter and are reporting phenomenal results – They are generating additional sales to thier current clients, cross selling additional services for thousands of dollars in new revenues and new referrals are flooding in too. Now it’s your turn!

You can have it for TWO MONTHS FREE!!!

After a Sixty Day, No obligation trial, continue building relationships, referrals and crosss selling opportuinities with a subscription of only $54 per month for our full Turn-Key “do-it-for-you service” and you can cancel at anytime. Each month, it will only take a few minutes to finalize preparation of your newsletter - and you can send it to your local printer.

Whether your mailing list is 200 names or 2,000 Dollars & $ense is only $54 per month!

Don’t let another month go by that you stand to lose more clients to a competitor because they paid more attention to them than you did.

I wish you the best of success,

David S. Rachford, CPA(Inactive) and Marketer