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Post details: Websites for Accountants: Myths Exposed!


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Websites for Accountants: Myths Exposed!

Yesterday, I touched on the topic of Websites for Accountants; and today, I'd like to go a bit more in-depth.

Most Accounting websites are simply "brochure" type websites that can trace their origins back to 1999 or so... And while having a website is better than nothing, having the right type of website; that attracts the clients that Pay, Stay and Refer, is like having a profit producing oil well, pumping away in cyber-space.

Myth 1 - Content

Myth: Most people believe that "content is king" - and that they should include as much relevant content about the services they provide as possible to make their website look comprehensive.

Fact: While it's important to list your services; the content or description of your services doesn't matter much. Rather, the better way to get clients to call your firm is to connect to their problems or pain.

In other words; a paragraph about tax preparation services is content; but every CPA or Accountant does that. Rather, a page explaining how you protect your client from the greedy clutches of the tax man, and how you help people save their hard earned money (pain & benefits) is more effective at converting looky-loo eye-balls to dialing digits, and increased sales. Throw in a few testimonials and you have the golden ticket!

Myth 2 - Capture:

Myth: Website visitors are annoyed with "opt-in" lists, or name capture devices on websites.

The truth is, when you offer something of value to a website visitor; you're "paying it forward." Give a freebie with good value in the form of information such as a free report or white-paper tailored to the visitors needs. Then visitors actually appreciate giving you their contact information in exchange for helpful information. Just make it just as easy for them to "opt out" of your mailing list if they choose. And as long as you don't abuse your email list, future contacts with the prospect or customer should be welcomed.

In fact, chances are, you're not contacting your current customers enough anyway.

I've got to run off to a meeting right now; but stay tuned for more Website Marketing Myths Exposed in the coming days...

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