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Marketing for Accountants - Webinar Tomorrow!

There are only 23 hours left to register for tomorrow's Webinar on Internet Marketing For Accountants - and space is limited! As of this writing, we only have about 13 spots left; so go claim yours by registering at:

And the webinar is F_R_ E E. No charge to attend!

If you've already registered for the webinar - don't worry about anything... We've got your spot reserved, and you should have received information about how to access the webinar tomorrow at 10 am Pacific (Sharp!)

We've heard from a bunch of registrants for tomorrow's webinar, and it's been truly helpful. THANK YOU for sending in your specific challenges for promoting your business online.

You may have heard me talk of the "best time" to market your firm - Tax Sesaon... or, as I like to call it: "Opportunity Season."

And Tax Season is right around the corner.

So now is the time to get your ducks in a row, and learn the right way to market your firm on the internet.

Which is why I've put this webinar together with my friend Nate.

We want to share the truth about marketing your firm on the Internet, with real-world case studies, and statistics.

We're going to share with you PROVEN strategies & tactics to turn your website into a "Client Attraction System" with very little time. (as little as 15 minutes a week!)

See you tomorrow!

Dedicated to Your Practice Development,

David Rachford, CPA (Inactive)

PS Again-- the details for the event:

Tuesday, November 17th
1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific)
Location: to register

(Right now, that web-page shows a countdown, and the webinar will go "live" at 1PM (Eastern) SHARP

P.P.S. I almost forgot: When you register, you can download a bonus teleconference recording (a $97 value) called "The Internet Marketing For Accountants Master Class Seminar" - and a Whitepaper on Search Engine Magic for Accountants go here now:



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