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It's been a while since I've updated this blog, and I owe you readers an apology.

As you may know, I lost my mother back on September 22, 2008, after she had complications recovering from surgery.

Many of you emailed me during that time, expressing heartfelt messages of condolences, and sharing your own stories of loss. I thank you all for your kind words during this difficult time for my family.

I really was not prepared for the loss; I think it's fair to say that I took her passing very hard. My Brother and I certainly didn't expect her to pass so quickly, and she was in such good spirits prior to her operation.

Regardless, it's been six months since she passed, and I've wanted to get back to work updating this blog and the marketing strategies I share with you on a regular basis for some time. But I had trouble finding the words, and I wondered when the time might be right.

The right time is always now.

Now is the time to aggressively market your firm, and now is the time to get back in the marketing arena.

As I get back into the swing of things - I wish you all a very successful and smooth rest of tax season.

Best - and once again: Dedicated to your practice development,




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