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Time to Saddle Up!

For my new and regular readers; I owe an apology.

Many of you turn to this blog and my writings regularly for marketing insight and advice to grow your accounting practice and get more clients.

And I've been absent for well over a month.

So this is a personal apology for being absent and not writing in as often as I should.

For those of you who know; My mother Cate passed away on September 22. It was quite sudden and a shock to our family. The month since her passing flew by: We arranged her memorial service, and I was quite tied up cleaning up the house she left; and dealing with matters relating to administration of her estate.

Those of you who have lost loved ones (and we all will sooner or later...) know how difficult and emotional it is to lose a close relative or friend.

On top of that; I've been seeking treatment for my back injury; (herniated disks and sciatica). The treatment is going slow; and progress (i.e. pain relief) has been slow to nil. The doctors want to treat me "conservatively" for a couple more months before considering surgery.

On top of that: (Like I needed anything more!) I was involved in an auto accident last week. Fortunately; it wasn't my fault (I was rear-ended) and I'm not in too bad of shape - but I was ready to hit the keyboard last week when I got rammed on the 405 Freeway in LA. So I had a bad headache for a few days; and my neck was/is pretty stiff; but I'm going to be fine.

So, I'm writing not to put out a bunch of excuses - because to you; the excuses or reasons don't matter when you come here looking for marketing advice for your accounting firm.

Now that I've got a lot of that behind me; I'm getting back in the saddle and am going to be posting more frequently.

All the best to you!

and I remain: Dedicated (Rededicated) to your practice development.

David Rachford, CPA (Inactive)



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