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The Marketing Klutz

Last weekend - I was a klutz.

I stubbed my toe on a curb, turning a toe purple...

I banged my knee on a cabinet, bruising my knee cap.

But these painful experiences carry a lesson.

In both instances, I was distracted and not looking where I was going. The result: PAIN.

Physical pain is one thing - when it's a simple bruise, the pain passes in a couple days.

But when you have pain like not having enough clients to pay the bills, or provide for your future, it can last for a while...

Until you figure out the direction you want to go, and start evaluating your progress in a systematic way.

Every successful accountant has followed a well traveled path to success.

So beware of klutzy marketing moves rob you of money and time.

Some of the klutzy marketing moves I've made in the past are:

* Not focusing on the direction of my firm
* Not being selective enough of the "right" prospects and clients
* Not measuring the results of marketing campaigns
* Wasting money on marketing methods that don't work
* Being lazy about marketing - in other words, taking a break
* Failing to properly and persistently follow up with prospects

After you objectively identify past mistakes, get clear on what you want.

Then identify the map to get you to where you want to go.

There are two main components you need to have in place:
1. The map
2. The directions

The Map:

The map is a clear picture of where you want to go. The firm you want to build. The clients you want to serve. The reputation you want to have in your business community.

The Directions:
The directions are the specific route or turns you need to take to get to your destination. It goes without saying that if you can avoid wrong turns, you'll get there quicker.

There is more than one way to get to a destination.
For example, in the great road rally "The Cannonball Run" -

the goal is to get from New York to Los Angeles in the shortest amount of time. Some racers take the Northern route through the Dakotas, some take the Southern route through the Southwest. Both will end up in Los Angeles. If you're following an old map, you're more likely to make a wrong turn and waste time (and money on gas!)

Right now, I'm putting together a new "Map" and "Directions" to help you market your firm. Stay tuned over the next weeks as I reveal more details...

Dedicated to your practice,
David Rachford, CPA

P.S. Feel free to share your comments below on what marketing steps you've found to be helpful or a waste of time and resources! Comments make this blog more fun!


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My Dad's Birthday

I just got back from visiting my families Cabin It was my Dad's 69th birthday, and he only wanted two things from me. Labor and home-made ice cream.

There's no problem convincing me that hand-cranked ice cream in July is a treat not to be missed. But the labor? It was an intimidating job.

I really got my hands dirty. Mike Rowe from "Dirty Jobs" would have been proud of me.

My job was to rip off the 50 year old shingle roof and prepare the roof for re-shingling. I got so dirty that when I got home, I just threw away the filthy clothes I wore up there.

While I was up on the roof in the sun, I got to thinking about what I could do to help you INSTANTLY market your practice. Maybe the sun and exhaustion got to me, but I realized that you don't even need to get your hands dirty to market your firm.

See, I've done all the dirty work for you.

Need a press release? - Done.
Website content? Done.
Referral Program? Done.

It's all included!

I want to send you a copy of "The Accountants Marketing Bible" at no charge. You'll instantly get a link to download your copy via my Membership Website, and I'll send you a printed copy of the Accountants Marketing Bible and a bunch of bonuses via mail.

So here's a resource for new subscribers to my Marketing Newsletter for Accountants ( David's Accounting Marketing News ) I'm giving away 7 copies of this marketing package - in honor of in honor of the 6.9 decades my father has lived.

This 147 page manual shows you:
How to get clients and referrals with a client newsletter
How to improve you Internet Marketing
How to avoid wasting your marketing dollars on stuff that doesn't work
4 things that every ad must have (including your website)
Website Case Studies and Makeovers
How to harness the power of F_r_e_e Publicity

Ready to use articles and press releases
and much much more...

I'm making only 7 special packages available as I'm going to be taking the Accountants Marketing Bible off the market very shortly, and I'm re-vamping my whole Inner Circle Membership (It's going to get bigger and better) So in the meantime, lock in your lowest price now, and get instant access to a bunch of my best stuff.

When these 7 memberships are gone, they're gone.

Act fast - there are only 7 copies of the Accountants Marketing Bible available to new subscribers.

New subscribers also get:
Two back issues of David's Accounting Marketing News (value $97)
Website Critique Certificate (Value $250)
Customer Appreciation Event Ticket (Value $495)
Audio Cd on Persuasive Sales Techniques (value $59)
Audio CD on Telephone & Appoinment Sales Techniques (Value $59)
Audio CD on Publicity Marketing For Accountants (value $59)
Audio CD on Referral Marketing and Strategy (value $59)
Added up, that's $1,222.00 in value and bonuses for a no-cost trial. Only a nominal shipping charge applies.

Take advantage of this limited time opportunity to get a ton of practice building information.

So click here to check out David's Inner Circle for Marketing Accountants.

Have a great day!

David Rachford, CPA

PS: Here's what a current member has to say:

Dave's marketing strategies is just what I needed to build on the things I am already doing. If you want to take your business to the next step, make sure Dave's on board. I know I will double my profitability for next year.
Jeff Matthews, CPA, MBA Louisiana


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Tim Russert & Trust: Accounting Marketing Tip

A couple weeks ago Tim Russert passed away - and Journalism suffered a great loss. Tim epitomized "trust" and integrity in broadcasting, and I will show how to develop trust in your firm to enhance your marketing.

Today, we're going to follow up with step 3: Getting your prospects and clients to Trust you.

As we've been talking over the last few days, people do business with people they:
know, like and trust.

That's great - but how do you get trust you?

Before we get into the "Trust" element, let's revisit the "People do do business with people.." part of the axiom.

There's a common misconception that Business to Business (B2B) marketing is different than person to person, or Business to Consumer marketing (B2C). That's simply not true.

Even if you've got more than one person on the other end of the decision, you're doing business with people. If the business does have a brand identity, the decision makers of the company are people; and people make decisions emotionally, and then will justify those decision with logic.

Think about it, even the board of directors of public companies must make decisions which will enhance shareholder value.

Emotion: Greed.

They then justify it with logic: "Enhancing Shareholder Value is our basis for decisions. This vendor has a good track record. This vendor gave us prior case studies and references (social proof.) This vendor made specific recommendations for our product(specificity.) This vendor invited us to review their process from the inside (confidence.) Their team is really committed to our success."

So let's get into "Trust."

Know: What does it mean to "Trust" someone?

In general, we trust people (and companies) when they deliver on their promises and commitments. You show up on time. You deliver the goods and services when you say you will. You provide a quality service.

Tim Russert developed a trustworthy voice by showing up on time for his "Meet the Press" show for over 20 years. He consistently showed his lack of bias, which became refreshing in this day and age of increasingly polarized and biased media.

Another example: my webmaster, Kevin. ( ) If I need help with a graphic, or website page, I know that I can email my wishes, or task list, and he'll get right back to me with any clarifying questions, and an estimated completion date. If something comes up that prevents him from meeting his original estimated completion date, I know that he'll communicate with me and let me know what's up. And the project will get done, and I know I'll be pleased with the work.

Another example is when you're selecting a vendor.

In fact, I'd like to use the CPA Marketing Center as an example. When people first come to the site, they review past blog posts, check out the "About David" page, read testimonials, and perhaps opt in to the email list. Then over the course of days, weeks, or even months, get to know me. I put my personality into the newsletter, and perhaps they even like me. By showing consistency in delivering relevant and useful information, readers begin to trust me.

Trust is an essential element in overcoming fear. Fear is an emotion which prevents people from both making decisions, and entering relationships. I've said before that "education cures fear." and by educating prospects and clients, you make them more confident that they can trust your information and advice, and therefore, it's safe to enter into a "relationship" with you.

I've has some readers of my e-zine place an order within a few days of discovering this website, but many place orders after six months of reading the newsletters and blog posts. In other words, consistency and repetition build trust.

When you're trying to reach a broader audience and get them to trust you, you must get your personal message out on a broader scale.

A great way to get prospects and clients to trust you and your firm better is to use a client newsletter to keep in regular touch with your prospects and clients on a monthly basis. (I'll get into why Monthly is optimal in just a minute. CPA Client Newsletters for Marketing your practice.
Dollars & Sense

In fact, I've written a special report on newsletter marketing best practices, and it's available for download by clicking this link. Newsletters For Accountants Special Report

Dedicated to your practice development,



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