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In response to: Websites for Accountants: Myths Exposed!

Accounting Services [Visitor] ·
Good Information for us.
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In response to: Websites for Accountants: Myths Exposed!

Brian O'Connell [Visitor]
Hi Dave... not to gush but it's good to see you back in a solid swing.

I'm going to stop lurking for an hour.

Content IS king... in a way. Especially in the long game.

OK, Dave and I aren't supposed to say stuff like this, so PLEASE... don't run off quite yet. There's a lot of money to be had marketing your accounting practice on the internet.


You're never going to find your best clients through the internet.

I know. I sell websites, I shouldn't be saying that! But bear with me.

While this describes a very small percentage of prospects the smartest, savviest, most successful business people will always find you by networking. No matter how much technology changes this will always be the case.

When designing your site keep in mind that it can still help you land these big fish! Network marketing is a long game, so provide content that's legitimately useful for your prospects. There's nothing wrong with giving away a few pennies now if it nets you a dollar later. Most big fish are already in an accounting relationship they're happy in. On aveage these relationships last about six YEARS, so pulling these clients in takes patience and persistence.

Let me give you an example.

You're at a business lunch and you meet a real estate agent.

This should set off all kinds of bells and whistles, because a real estate agent is much more than a prospect. This is an INFLUENCER.

Anyway... which of these scenarios work better:

You give him your business card and say "call me".


You give him your business card and say, "Call Me. Oh... By the way... My web address is on there. You should check out my selection of interactive financial calculators. I think you'll find it'll help you sell houses."

Which business card is more likely to generate a lead?

Of course you have to deliver. A Mortgage Qualifier, a Refinance Analyzer, a Reduction Analyzer, a Comparison: 15 years vs. 30 years, a Points Evaluator... all this is information that this influencer needs to close his prospects, and the fact that the information is on your website and not his actually lends his pitch credibility. Now you have him visiting your site regularly, AND bringing his customers in too!

If you have the right content on your site, and if you know how to use it (David will help you with that) your website becomes a powerful network marketing tool!
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In response to: I Want Your Questions: What do you want to know about Internet Marketing For Accountants?

via email:

How can I ensure my firm comes up first on search engine listings in my area & region?
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In response to: How Accountants Get Terrific Twitter Traffic

Leeds Accountant [Visitor] ·

Really good tips there. As an accountant in the Uk who has been slowly "learning the Twitter way" this article will really help me.

When I first signed up all I seemed to find where the "taking little Johnny to...." type tweets and I thought "what's the point". However, after having used it for a while now, I'm really starting to see the value
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In response to: How Accountants Get Terrific Twitter Traffic

Fantastic points Chad - thanks for sharing your thoughts!

You actually jumped the gun a little bit, with the first post already at 1000 words, I was going to share the specifics on how CPAs can use twitter in a follow up post next week. I'll expand on it a bit... in the meantime, thanks for your comments, and have a great weekend!

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In response to: How Accountants Get Terrific Twitter Traffic

Chad Bordeaux [Visitor] ·
Great post, David. As an accountant who has been hitting Twitter hard all year,I would like to expand on a couple of points that you made.

First off, keeping your followers "relevant." Most of the accountants out there are focusing there bulk of their marketing efforts locally, so try to get local followers. It doesn't do you any good to be Tweeting back and forth with a sheep farmer in New Zealand - unless of course he is either a target customer or you are simply fascinated with sheep herding. Find local people! I have actually made a few friends over the past year on Twitter that I hang out with on a regular basis (lunch, golf, boating, etc.) You can also try to go to local "Tweetups" where you can network and meet others locally. I have been to several of these and always have a good time and make good connections.

Secondly, if you are going to be successful, you need to use some application to manage your followers other than the webpage. I use UberTwitter on my Blackberry, and TweetDeck on my Desktop. This lets me sort my followers into categories. For instance, one column is Accounting Tweeps, another for Local Tweeps, another for a few local search terms that allows me to find new local people and a main column with all of my followers. I mainly monitor it to see who needs to be deleted from my followers (spammers) and who needs to be migrated to the other columns because they are adding value.
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In response to: Rant: The Sales Prevention Department

@ Steve: It's good to be back - and I'm glad you were talking about me... My ears must have been burning.

RE: Social media - I'm thinking (and experimenting) a lot too. Although Twitter "followers" and FaceBook "friends" are important, I certainly believe that it's better to have the "right" "friends & followers" than just anyone.

Thanks for the comment!
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In response to: Rant: The Sales Prevention Department

Steve Feinberg [Visitor] ·

It's nice to see you're back. Just a few weeks ago, a few of us were commenting, wondering whatever happened to you!

Glad to see you're still pushing us. Though, admittedly, it feels like I spend everyday thinking about marketing, social media, internet marketing and the like...
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In response to: The Missing Secret for Sales Success

Maggie [Visitor] ·
I love your site. I am trying to learn about accounting and taxation. A friend recommended but I have now started to try and find other good sites on the web. As I said, I love your site and I will be back for more. Keep up the good work.
ps apologies if I am not meant to leave this type of comment
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In response to: The Missing Secret for Sales Success

You are so right. This is the time that CPAS and accountants need to ramp up their marketing and reach out to those groups that NEED their services. New Homeowners and New Businesses are key market groups for all CPAs and Accountants looking to increase their tax prep business.
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In response to: About My Injury....


thank you all for your support and suggestions. I will leave no stone unturned, and will consider all options!
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In response to: About My Injury....

Nick Polzine [Visitor]
This has nothing to do with the marketing of an accounting practice, but about 3 yrs. ago I had the same painful experience. After 4 days in bed, I went to the E.R. by ambulance, because I couldn't walk to the car, much less drive/ride in it. Tues. at the E.R. I received enough pain meds to make an elephant woozy, but was pain free. Wed. a neurosurgeon performed a micro-discectomy to remove pieces of hardened disc pressing on the nerve, glued the 1/2" incision closed w/ superglue and sent me home on Thurs. If you haven't yet, look into the procedure. It's relatively safe and non-invasive. 10 days after surgery I was mowing the lawn and have been pain free since.
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In response to: About My Injury....

Bob Frumkin [Visitor]
What does this have to do with anything?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Bob; you're right... this post doesn't have a lot to do about marketing; but there is a marketing lesson here if you look. If you don't get it yet; stay tuned.

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In response to: About My Injury....

Bert Gonzales [Visitor]
Ooowee@! It sounds very painful. I have had lower back pain but never of the debilitating nature you describe. Take care, God Bless and keep us posted. I know there is not anything I can do but just in case, let me know if there is anything I can do.

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In response to: My Dad's Birthday

Too Cool; I wish I had posted about about the roof job before I actually did it! Maybe Mike could have made it up to the Sierras! - and heck, I would have appreciated his help.

I wonder if an IRS Audit would qualify as a "Dirty Job" ????

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In response to: My Dad's Birthday

Shawn [Visitor]
Hi David, I noticed you compared making ice cream to one of Mike Rowe's dirty jobs. Haha.

I figure you'd be interested in hearing about the next Dirty Jobs special... it's actually a part of this year's Shark Week (which starts with a brand new Mythbusters on Sunday, July 27th, at 9PM). In the special, Mike Rowe is on a quest for the mysterious Greenland Shark. The show airs on Tuesday, July 29th, at 9PM.

I hope you don't mind me contacting you like this; I imagine you'd be interested in hearing about it. If you'd like to hear more I'd be happy to share since I work with Discovery. Have a great day, and feel free to contact me back.

Shawn Grover
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In response to: Accounting Marketing Tip: Know, Like & Trust

In my opinion, Gerber's comments are a key concept in marketing what we are selling. Often, we as accountants focus on selling the "features" such as bookkeeping, or payroll services; when the buyer is really buying an intangible concept.

The rest of the interview is all about creating "relief" for you... Working on your business can free you up from the drudgery of working in your business.

It's not easy, but it's worth it!

Thanks again for dropping by, feel free to keep commenting.

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In response to: Accounting Marketing Tip: Know, Like & Trust

Brenda Richter, CPA [Visitor] ·
It's interesting that you would hold a teleconference where the expert tells the CPAs that they need to provide their clients with relief, when at the same time your business provides CPAs with marketing plans to provide bookkeeping and payroll services - neither of which provide relief.
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In response to: Create a Stamped of New Clients for Your Accounting Firm

Gordon Silzer [Visitor] ·
Dave, it was wonderful to have you in Canada last week... we may just adopt you! Then you won't need a reason to return.

Great presentation, and great product idea/line with the Millionaire Manifesto monthly DVD package.

I can hardly wait for month 2 to arrive.

Gordon Silzer
A Flair With Dance and
A Flair With Words
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In response to: Memorial Day: Move Towards Your Fear

Your daddy was a MARINE infantry Captain in the Viet Nam ara That is what makes me successful.
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