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Niche Marketing For Accountants

A couple of weeks ago, I got a call out the blue.

"My name is Tamara, and I'm a writer for Insight Magazine - INSIGHT Magazine a publication of the the Illinois CPA Society. I'm working on an article on on Niche Marketing, would you be availbable for an interview?"

I said: "You bet, let's schedule some time later today to talk."

We did talk, and I think you would find the information helpful.

We discussed the PROS and CONS of developing a tight practice niche.

The article is due out in a month or so.

Perhaps what's more instructive, is that if you were to do a "Google Search" on the term "niche marketing for accountants" You'd find me and this blog at the #1 spot.

Click HERE to try it: GOOGLE: Niche Marketing For Accountants

That's not an accident. Maybe you want to increase your Google Rankings to get more clients in 2007. That's not a bad idea! but be sure you are aremed with the knowledge and tools you need to ensure your efforts are not wasted.

Click Here for Dave's 2007 Gold Inner Circle Marketing Mastermind for Accountants.

CPA Marketing | Tax Marketing For Accountants


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On becoming moderately famous

Yesterday I got a phone call out of the blue:

A Journalist was working on an article about the topic: Niche Marketing For Accountants and CPAs and called me for an interview.

We spoke for about 20 minutes on the topic of Niche Marketing for Accountants - we talked about the pros and cons of developing a focused niche in a business sector or industry.

It's a hot topic; defintely one for future blog posts and additional articles.

Here's the point: Due to the work that I've put in on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing, I've established my niche as a practice development consultant to the Accounting and CPA professions.

Search Engine Optimization pays off! But you have to work at it a bit.

In the next couple of weeks, I'm going to release a new service ONLY for CPAS and Accountants who want to improve thier rankings in their local markets.

Stay tuned!


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Teleseminar Success Update

We had a great teleseminar yesterday - the folks on the call got an inside look inside the mind of CPA internet Marketingn Genius & Redmond CPA Stephen L. Nelson's Website.

We talked about how local CPAs and Accountants can become #1 on Google.

We recorded the call and it is now available on CD.

If you've been wondering how to improve you internet marketing I've got a solution for you.


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E-Marketing For Accountants - Teleseminar Oct 17

Are you ready to ramp up your On-line Marketing in 2006-7?

If you're like many local CPAs and Accountants, you may have noticed that your phone is not ringing from as many Yellow Page advertising inquiries, but businesses are starting up more often than ever-....make sure you capture more than your share of leads from the internet - including cracking the "Google" code to get the most qualified and hungry prospects calling you.

If you've been wondering how a local CPA or Accountant can successfully market their firm online, and increase the quality and quantity of leads generated from the internet, don't miss this 70 minute Tele-seminar that we're holding on October 17th at 11:00 a.m. Pacific, / 2:00 pm Eastern.

We are limiting participation to 40 callers, and it's sure to sell out, as I barely mentioned it in an email a couple weeks ago, and registrations are already coming in! - in fact even I was surprised at the demand.

What you will learn:
How to Dominate your Local Area in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
How to improve lead conversion (how to get a visitor to contact you)
How to generate immeadeiate results
How to make a few simple changes that can result in BIG SEO position gains
How to out-maneuver the big firms with Local SEO
What 3 tools every Accounting Professional should use to market on-line (all free)

During this call, I'll be interviewing a fellow CPA / Tax Professional who has DOMINATED his local metro area (well over 1,000,000 in population) for years. This expert has promised to hold nothing back, and will reveal the secrets of how he generates more qualified leads than he knows what to do with, and what that means to his practice (great clients, great fees, and more...)

Don't miss this opportunity, this call will be like peeking behind the curtain to see what it really takes to dominate your local area in Search Engine Optimiazation to make your firm easily found on the internet.

Again - we only have a few seats - we started with 40, but now only 31 are available - One Full month before the seminar- so it's sure to sell out.

You can register for the Oct 17th seminar by clicking here. It's only $67 - and I guarantee the seminar for 100% satisfaction. If you don't agree that the call is time well invested, I'll promptly issue you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

How about a bonus? All attendees will also recieve a free web-page optimized for specific accounting and regional terms - this is a $125 value! Don't delay, register online now!Register for the Oct 17th seminar by clicking here.


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#1 on Google in 10 days

Just wanted to toot my horn about my latest Search Success - Search:"Santa Barbara Payroll" on GoogleSanta Barbara Payroll

I'm pretty proud of that - considering that just 3 days ago - I was number 10. Of course it helps that no one is competing for the term - so take that as a reminder: Many local areas are wide open!


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Local SEO for CPA's - Google results: Day 7

If you're just joining us or a new reader- SEO is an acronym for "Search Engine Optimization" - a fancy way of saying "I want my website to be found by people who are looking for my services / expertise / in my area"

Down about 3 posts and you'll see a June 20 post which references my Google Search position as of that date:

Here's an update for the terms and search results are for Google. Updated about 9:00 PM Pacific 6/27/06-
Santa Barbara CPA #5 up 14 spots
Santa Barbara Accountant #8 from no recognition
Santa Barbara Payroll #6 down one

In one week - my professional websites cracked the top 10 for my local area with my keywords.

How? Very simple: Page title, link text, and page relevance of the referring site (this blog is very relevant with many CPA / Accountant related topics.

You might be saying "big deal, your not #1 yet" but I say - you have to be top 10 to matter - most people find what thier looking for on the first page of search results. And I haven't even begun to mess with my site content or meta descriptions. I've got a lot more tricks up my sleeve, and I'll share them with you - I just wanted to show you how immeadiate the results can be.

As more and more people use the internet to find products and services, in thier local area and across the nation - CPAs and Accountants need to be able to be found on the web - search engine optimization is going to give you the best return on investment in the years to come.


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Local SEO for CPAs and Accountants

This summer, I'm taking on a few projects for Search Engine Optimization - including re-writing my own CPA firm Website CPA Santa Barbara Accountant and Santa Barbara Payroll Services and starting a "SEO Campaign" or Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Why? Well the rules of SEO change often, and I've learned a lot with the CPA Marketing | Tax Marketing For Accountants campaign over the last several months.

Lesson One: Website Title

The title of your webpage matters. To find the title, bring up your website and check the blue title bar across the top.

An example of a bad title:
"David S. Rachford, CPA"

An example of a better title: (this is my current title, before SEO)
"Santa Barbara CPA David Rachford, Bookkeeping, Quickbooks, Payroll Services for Growing Business"

- However, that title is too long, and has too many words, and is not tightly focused on specific keywords.

An example of a even more better title:
"CPA Santa Barbara Accountant" (this is my new title, after SEO)
Why is this better? The above phrase incorporates two keyword phrases: "Santa Barbara Accountant" and "Santa Barbara CPA" without being redundant, and because there are fewer words, the Search engines will attribute higher relevance to the kewyords in the title.

Here is a "baseline" of my current website SEO placements.
Santa Barbara CPA rankings

Next Lesson: Link Text - Stay tuned.


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Search Engine Optimization Tips

A recent survey I read said that 30% of CPA firms with websites plan to re-vamp or redesign their website during the next year.

A lot has changed since we've put up those "brochure sites" -

A whole new profession has emerged, that of Search Engine Optimization, or (SEO).

If you or the firm you work for is planning to revise thier internet marketing strategy, you owe it to yourself to get a basic education in SEO, and Pay Per Click, so you don't fall prey to some quasi Internet goofball web-developer.

Below are some resources I use to understand the state of SEO, and some tools I use to improve my understanding of on-line marketing, and build link partners and analyze my websites.

Search Engine Watch
The SEO Book - This link will take you to SEO elite software - yes I am an affiliate for this product, but I wouldn't recommend it if I didn't use it and get tremendous value from it. SEO elite helps you build quality link partners and check out your competition - it's a fantastic and easy to use piece of software that saves a ton of time in Search engine optimization.


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#1 on Google for Term "HOWIE KASS"

I realized I might need a new category for Search Engine Optimization - which if you have a website, you should all be interested in. In the future I'll do some posts on some strategies to climb the search rankings, which isn't easy.... except in this case.

Try typing "Howie Kass" in your search bar - google, MSN or Yahoo

For the term on google, The CPA Marketing Center Blog is ranked #1, For yahoo # 3 and MSN #4. Rankings achieved in 1 month since the Staple Promotion with 1-800-Accountant .. launched. And those rankings are all as a result of a few posts on this blog about the Staples debacle promotion with 1-800-Accountant.

In this case, the rankings are a result of relavancy, and very little competition...I don't think anyone is currently vying for the #1 spot for Howie Kass.

I just thought it was interesting, and I hope that other accountants doing thier due diligence on the promotion in the future will come up on these posts and read them, perhaps save a few bucks.

David Rachford, CPA Marketer



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